About US

infertility always has been a stressful experience. in recent years the level of infertility has been rising. recent studies shows that sperm count have descended more then for 59.4 % during last 40 years. unfortunately, 20% of Iranian couples are infertile and this rate is rising.

We believe we have a responsibility to support our community of future fathers. No matter  life situation or personal goals, we want men to feel that they belong in the fatherhood conversation.

we have developed a framework for the kind of company we want to be: Respect the sensitivity of the subject matter. 

We deliver difficult news. We handle sensitive information. We help men become fathers. we must speak in a way that honors these moments — with precision, respect, and professionalism.

If you ask any couple who has been through infertility, most will tell you that the infertility journey is an emotional roller-coaster. It’s filled with tears, frustration, and a sense of held-on-hope and helplessness. The high cost of fertility treatments and repeated unsuccessful surgeries causes stress and heartbreak. We are with you throughout this journey.

Spoo offering Telehealth to the Male Fertility World and as the leading fatherhood company, it’s our job to ensure accessibility for all. we use advanced fertility technology to track your sperm volume, motility, and concentration at-home.